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This is Evan Lagace

 I help men and women find clarity, discover their Truth, and live to their fullest potential

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On my journey, I’ve been blessed to meet a lot of great people as I’m sure you have too.

They’re doing their best to be good people and strive towards living their best. Yet. Most of them struggle with stories they tell themselves that block them from their fullest potential.

The Question is Why?

Why is it that we have so many good and well meaning people - have never found consistent bliss and abundance in their lives?
Well here’s what I have come to fully understand in my more than a decade of coaching.

ALL of us have been lied to.

Our whole lives, we’ve bought into the ways of the world around us: society, our family, our friends.

In some ways it served us and produced some desirable outcomes, but you realize that still, something is off. That is the compass inside you telling you that you've strayed from your truth.

I'm here to shine some light on this. The suffering won't stop until you overcome the lies and enter into your alignment.

The TRUTH always sets us FREE.

Are you ready to step up your game and live as your potential?

Most of you have found success in many areas of your life, however you realize there are attachments within your mind that are holding you back from achieving your fullest potential.

The attachments in the mind are often described as the ego: a conscious being of sorts that uses the conditioning of our lives to pull us into negative emotional states that entice us to engage in self sabotage and act against our best interests. 

These attachments are something we all experience. We may not be aware of the attachment itself, but we are aware of the effects of it on our lives which include the many forms of suffering, including: anxiety, confusion, anger, depression, relationship issues and patterns, frustration, inability to fully pursue your dreams, inability to complete important tasks or projects, disconnect in relationships, emotional eating and eating disorders, and the list can go on and on.

I know without any doubt...

It is universally true that we are all meant to come into our truth and feel consistent peace & ease, but the conditioning we've experienced in our lives has pulled us away from living in this reality.

I am here to lead you through a process of overcoming the diversions of the ego that are holding you back from your true potential and joy. My mission is to help you consciously detach from the lies and deliver you to Truth... a way of thinking that successfully guides you into a thriving mind, body, and spirit.

There is a way that will work for you. Your way is found in the process of unfolding into your Truth.

Are You Ready to Uncover Your Truth & Conquer the Lies?

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